VW Grave Yard

I located this lost VW grave after a conversation with an Irish backpacker at the Byron Bay markets. It took months to locate and many phone calls to get permission to visit and photograph the site.
When I finally arrived , I was miles from the nearest town and there was absolutely no sign of  human habitation except for the sheds and the VW’s The only sound was the wind roaring across the tree tops and the wild life.  It felt as though I was in a scene from Mad Max.

I spent 3 hours exploring and took 100’s of photos. The photos and short movie below are only a sample of what was on offer. What an adventure, I hope the images give a sense of the VW’s final resting place.

The owners request for privacy and will not give out the location.

Thanks for visiting

Photos are produced in a traditional Photographic wet lab on high quality archival photographic paper. These photos will last a lifetime with appropriate care.

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